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Forward: On Forwards...

(Foreword from the yet-to-be-published book “On Things” by Trevor Hodgkins and Jason Salas)

“On.” Webster’s defines it as being in the state of un-off, or something to that effect. The literal definition is not important. What is important is that to be “on” one must be actively not “off.” We have been accused of being “off” for some time.

These accusations were painful. However, they did initiate a round of what is known as “self-reflection.” This led to a “breakthrough.” Now, it pleases us to say, we are “on.”

So, it is with that in mind that we set out to write this book -- a collection of mild reflections on things we have been “on” since we became no longer “off.” This is not to say that we will be writing about experiences with illegal substances, for the purpose of this book is not to self-inculpate. Nor will you find the titillating recounts of numerous affairs with starlets (Hollywood or otherwise), unless life for one of us takes a turn in a very right direction and soon.

Rather, what you will find is what will be published over the coming weeks, which, as of this writing, we have not written, yet. So, provided that we do not revise this foreword (we will not), the wonders of the next as yet undetermined number of posts/pages will be just that to you – wonders. Of what we are doing. Of what we are thinking. Of what we are “on.”

So enjoy! And watch out for paper cuts.

(Editor’s note: exclude last sentence from e-book.)