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Perk at Work

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Characters, from left to right: Mr. Argyle, Henna, Eugene, Compa (back), Perk, Wren, Moxy, Cal (back), Sheryl, and Candy


Perk at Work is a comic strip about a cafe worker named Perk. The strip follows his interactions with his boss, his cook, and his regular customers.

The cafe is located on the ground floor of a downtown multi-story office building. Mr. Argyle owns the building and the cafe. Workers from the varied businesses in and around the building patronize the cafe when they need to grab a bite to eat, take a coffee break, or simply just want to step away from the desk and hang out.

So when you’re getting a little burnt out and the corners of your mouth need a lift, visit Perk at Work. He’ll get the job done!

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