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2010: The Year We Make Another Movie About Making Contact

5 reasons why people choose not to celebrate Thanksgiving

80’s Fashion Left Some Bad Taste in my Memory

American President: The Reality Show

Appetite for Consumption

An Article Of Clothing

Auld Lang Whatever They’re Saying

Be A Sport, Stay Under The Cap

The Beauty of a Dirty Bird

Beauty Marks the Spot

Being Superstitious Is Bad Luck

Bringing You Not-So-New News

Can Fashion Be Fashioned in that Fashion?

Cash On The Barrel, Credit Down The Drain

Chainmail for Chain Letters

Crazy Cat Ladies and the Cats Who Love Them

Dentally Challenged

Digital Germs and Internet Worms

Dog Sniffs Good, Dog Smells Bad

Don’t Give 110%... Give 85%!

Filler Up

Free Sucker! It’ll Only Cost You...

The Future Reads Like A Book

Geography? Gee, I Don’t Know

Getting to the Bottom of the Butt Issue

Grocery Shopping For Lumpheads

The Groundhog:  A Portrait of a Shadowy Creature

Hot Dogs... Take a Stand!

Instant Gratification: Just Add Patience

Instant Winter, Just Add Snow

It’s Not Just Dogfood, it’s Muttmeal!

Just as I Feared, My Beard Grew Weird


Mars:  If You Planet, They Will Come

Mysterious Little Green Men

My Memory and I Have Some History

The Naps and the Nap Nots

The Neck’s Big Thing

New CatBox is the Pick of the Litter

New Olympic Event: The Whatever

Office Birthdays are a Piece of Cake

On Your Mark, Get Set, Accessorize!

The Other Mother’s Day


Pick Up After Two “Rings”?

Pop-Up Brain Cells

A Real Fake Christmas Tree

Revenge of the Cavenerd

Revenge Of The Gerd


Scent in the Cologne

The Skinny On Phat

Skirting the Skirt Issue

Some Stuff and Stuff

Something Wicked This Way Eats

Special Limited Edition Front-Me-Not Holiday “Bratz” Dolls Are Here Just In Time For Christmas!

Subterranean Home Nix Blues

Take This Bird and Stuff It

Talking “E-Phonics” Blues


These Are The Days You’ll Forget To Remember

This Whole Flu Thing is Making Me Sick

Three On, Four Off, Wax On, Wax Off

To You Who Do Not Compute

“Tom And Get It!”

Turkeymania 2K3

‘Twas The Night Before The Day After Thanksgiving

The Ultimate Christmas List

Unemployed in Georgia

The Waffle Truth

Walking:  It’s What Drives Me

Water Slides. I Don’t.

We Created Evolution

We Want A Small Reception

Where Man Ends and Blood-Sucking Monster Begins

A Womb With a View

Working Hard at Hardly Working

Xtreme with Mor Then Wirdz Spellt Inkerrectlly

Yeti Or Not, Here I Come

You Choose, You Lose

You Compete Me