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To your right, are booths lining the wall to the back end of the cafe leading to a door with a sign above it that reads "UNDER." At the front end of the booths is a bookshelf with various books on it.

To your left, there are more booths along the wall and a sign for the restroom. Beside the sign is a bulletin board

In the center of the room is an island with various dining items on it: napkin dispensers, sugar packets, stirrer straws, and the like. In the middle of the room are high bar tables and running along the glass front is a long built-in bar with stools so that diners can face the hustle and bustle of the street outside.

On the wall, beside the sign for the bathroom, is a bulletin board thoroughly tacked with a postings of all manner.

The counter, with the clerk, has a wood surface with a flip-door which allows access behind the counter and the kitchen behind it. There is a refrigerated deli case embedded in the counter, stocked with the remainder of the day's pastries and desserts.

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